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Life work balance is really tough for moms, at times perhaps even impossible. How do they make everything look easy? They are Super Moms! But, when time goes by, all of a sudden you have gained 10,20,30 pounds of unwanted fat. We have the answer and it only takes 31 days!

Weight Gain
Stiff Joints
Brain Fog

High Blood Pressure
Cholesterol Issues
Menopause Symptoms
Carb Cravings
Mood Swings

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This will be the last weight loss program you will ever be on. It repairs your health and you will lose weight on it 100%. I lost 35 pounds and it feels like 45. You lose fat, not muscle and it is a totally different weight loss program. I got off my blood pressure medication and I have never felt better in my life. Everyone tells me I look 20 years younger! This program makes sense – it is very easy to do. Imagine losing a pound a day and feeling great and not being hungry. It will change your life completely. Thank you iHEALTHe!

Sophia Voskakis

My weight was out of control. I was not happy with what I saw when I looked in the mirror and was feeling tired and sore all the time. Inflammation was at an all time high and I had ZERO energy and motivation. I was willing to try anything!!! After my first week of detoxification, I was feeling more energized and the meal prep was a no brainer. I did not miss carbs whatsoever. From a 2-3 times per week pasta eater to none at all, and now after a year of being off the program, we maybe have a plate once every few months. This reset truly changed me.

Nadia S


Size 4 From a Size 12

I went from a size 4 to a 12 after gaining weight because my thyroid went nuts! As a busy mom of 2, I would do my best to exercise and eat healthy, but nothing was working. I could not get back to my pre-thyroid weight gain, and struggled for years, until I found APEX31. I was able to get back into a size 4 and lose 20 pounds in 31 days. At 44 years old, I can say I haven’t felt this great in years! APEX31 changed my life!

21 LBS

Loss / Over All


Size From a 12

4 Sizes Dropped Overall

Change Your Life Today Buy Now!

innovation in Fat Loss and Health and Wellness

innovation in Fat Loss and Health and Wellness

innovation in Fat Loss and Health and Wellness

innovation in Fat Loss and Health and Wellness

innovation in Fat Loss and Health and Wellness

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