Check out your timeline to meeting your weight loss goals with APEX31:

1. Meet Your Coach

You may be going through your fat loss journey at home, but with iHEALTHe
you’re never alone. If you ever need any assistance or you just want to get a sense of how you are progressing, then feel free to spark up a chat with your dedicated coach. All of our coaches are certified in every aspect of our APEX31 Day Plan and will be able to answer any question that you may have

2. The Priming Phase

2 Days | Get your body ready to work
The purpose of Priming is to get your body ready to work. While Priming for 2 days, you consume more calories in order to kickstart your metabolism and get it ready for Releasing. Priming uses physiological and psychological principles, taking the body’s natural impulses and making them work for you.

3. The Release Phase

29 Days | Repair & rejuvenate your body after years of damage
This is where you will reverse, repair & rejuvenate your body after years of damage. For the next 29 days after you enter this phase your body will lose 0.5 to 1.5 pounds per day. This phase will show you how powerful and effective our specially crafted fat loss program really is.

4. The Sustain Phase

Lock in your results for a lifetime!
The sustain phase is where you lock in your brilliant results attained in the release phase by driving up your metabolic rate to match your daily needs, it is what sets us apart from yo-yo diets. It is also the access to easily creating a live long lifestyle change to that your success is here to stay or even build upon. You will contine to clear out toxins, destress the nervous system and keep cronic inflammation at bay.